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e-Express API

You can create e-Express shipping label through API to reduce the shipping handling time and manual work.

e-Express API

Supported Features

Formats: SOAP
Protocols: HTTP POST

API List
  • AddHKShippingPackage : Upload the package information, meanwhile apply for a track code. The order information will be uploaded to HKPost. (Must choose “Manual upload or API upload in order to use this API)
  • CancelHKShippingPackage: Cancel and delete the package information before submit to delivery.
  • GetHKPostZone: Get the list of Zone information
  • GetHKShippingLabel: Get print label stream of the uploaded e-Express package.
  • GetHKShippingPackage: Get detail information of the uploaded e-Express package.
  • GetHKShippingPackageStatus: Get current status information of the uploaded e-Express package.
  • GetHKShippingRate: Get e-Express shipping fee based on package weight, insurance, shipping service, etc.
  • VerifyHKShippingUser: Verify whether API authorization is success.
  • RecreateHKShippingPackage: “Resend” the uploaded e-Express package.
  • GetHKShippingTrackCode: Get the track code of a package according to Item ID and Transaction ID.
  • GetHKShippingLabels: Get print label stream of multiple uploaded e-Express package.(50 at most)




You can test in sandbox environment
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