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Brand/MPN/GTIN Mandate API Updates

As you may aware, the Product Identifier Mandate will be in force starting on June 29.  If the required brand/MPN/GTIN information is not completed for your listings, they cannot be listed/updated.


Related API calls have been updated.  There are several calls developers should understand and use for fulfilling the Product Identifier Mandate.

GetCategoryFeatures – http://developer.ebay.com/devzone/xml/docs/Reference/ebay/GetCategoryFeatures.html

Not all categories require brand/MPN/GTIN input.  By making this call on a category, you can find out if they are required.  Please refer to the following attributes of the response:






GeteBayDetails – http://developer.ebay.com/devzone/xml/docs/Reference/ebay/GeteBayDetails.html

If there is no brand, sellers can specify “Unbranded”.  If there is no MPN, sellers can specify “Does not apply”.  “Does not apply” also applies for UPC/EAN/ISBN, but it may vary on different eBay sites.  If <DetailName>ProductDetails</DetailName> is provided in the request when making GeteBayDetails call, the response will return the “Does not apply” equivalent string for no GTIN as follows:

<GeteBayDetailsResponse xmlns="urn:ebay:apis:eBLBaseComponents">



      <ProductIdentifierUnavailableText>Does not apply</ProductIdentifierUnavailableText>



AddItem/ReviseItem/RelistItem-family of calls:

When you create or update single-variation listings, you can identify the products using UPC/EAN/ISBN with the ProductListingDetails.EAN, ProductListingDetails.ISBN, or ProductListingDetails.UPC fields.  If using a brand/MPN pair to identify the product, it is advised that you specify this brand/MPN pair through the ProductListingDetails.BrandMPN container AND through two ItemSpecifics.NameValueList containers, as demonstrated below:


About multi-variation listings:

For multi-variation listings, brand should be specified in item specifics (item-level); MPN can be specified at item-level or variation-level.  GTIN should ONLY be specified at variation-level.  Variation-level can be specified with Variations.Variation.VariationProductListingDetails.UPC (or EAN/ISBN).  However, it is not mandatory to enter product identifier information at this moment, since the mandate will not be in force until September 2015.


For latest updates about the Product Identifier Mandate, please visit: